Perfect lighting necessitates absolutely perfect dimming. All Orluna’s products are supplied with power supplies which dim our luminaires to less than 0.1% of initial light output. This is achieved by using the finest European power supplies “as standard”.

In order to realise the potential of our dimming it is necessary to check compatibility of your method of dimming control whether it be a simple rotary switch of a full home control system. If you need a simple yes/no on compatibility please consult our Dimming Compatibility Chart.

The Dimming Compatibility Chart shows whether our luminaires are compatible with your control system. If you would like more detailed information on your dimming performance please consult the detailed reports below.

Our team offers advice and confidence. Please call us on
00 44 (0) 1923 889712 or email info@orluna.com

We also offer in stock a compatible dimmer switch which
can be ordered with luminaires.

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